GigWrx Fx Labels For The Fractal Audio AX8 and FX8!

We offer a Premade set for the Fractal AX8 and FX8 systems to help simplify getting started. These are our most popular labels and will make it very easy to get control over your system! 

We also offer GigWrx Fx Labels that are  completely customized by you for the ultimate look and control of your Fractal Audio System AX8 & FX8 Systems! The Main Function Labels make up 8 needed for the  AX8 or FX8 Main functions controls and you’ll also need 3 Control Labels for the F1-F3 labels. GigWrx Fx Labels let you keep rocking instead of trying to remember where you put your fuzz pedal! Start Customizing Now!

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Each Set Has 8 Main Labels  & 3 F1-F3 Labels For The 3 Right Column Switches.