OUR GLOWRX GLOW IN THE DARK SETS AND INDIVIDUAL LABELS ARE BACK IN STOCK!! These will go very fast again, so be sure to check them out. Also make sure you check out our custom labels too, great selection and you can design it to give you complete control of your rig.

We offer the highest quality labels available to help organize and deck out your midi controller! We currently offer labels for Fractal Audio Systems MFC-101, AX8 & FX8, the Line 6 HD500, HD500x, Amplifi FX100 & Firehawk FX and the Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro.

Check out our GloWrx Glow In The Dark Series for the Fractal Audio MFC-101 and Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro! They’ll keep you rocking when the lights go down!  We have some great Premade Sets and have added a lot of Individual labels recently too.  Click here for more details on our GloWrx Series!

We will do everything we can to make your custom set a reality