We are first and foremost musicians!


Bill Piersall

Guitar Player and Terminal Tone Junkie!

Soft spot for tubes and modding pedals, but Fractal is making both of them obsolete!

Anthony Colando

Bolt Records Recording Studio. Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

Doctor of Tone and Chiropractic

DSC_0046 72 DPIHey everyone, we wanted to share a bit about GigWrx and how  this company came together!

We have both been guitar players for years; that’s actually what got us to this point. We met when I was a manager at Guitar Center and Anthony came in looking for some tech help with a G-System. In fact, he had already made his own labels for the G-System back then!We’ve remained good friends in search of tone ever since.

When we got our hands on the  Axe-Fx Ultra several years ago, both of us were intrigued by the complexity and power stuffed into that black box, but still remained skeptical tube junkies for quite a while. After spending a little time with it, we were just getting some amazing tones out of it, and  as soon as the Axe-Fx II hit, we both jumped on the waiting list for one too. We both sold most of our beloved tube gear, full pedalboards and all to cover the admission fee, and since taking the plunge, we’ve never looked back!

After spending a lot of time with the MFC, we both sought out ways to label the controller to make it easier to use. The other companies that were making labels had some great products, but they weren’t made in the U.S., and they aren’t always readily available to order. The options and features we wanted were either not available, or very expensive to add! What started as an attempt to just make labels we liked led us to this point.

Most of you reading this already know what a great and supportive community we have over at the Fractal Forum; if not, you need to check it out! There is a very vibrant, active and helpful group of people there that make owning the Axe-Fx that much better!

A couple of the people we’ve met through the Forum have really been instrumental in helping us get GigWrx off the ground. We want to thank Admin M@ for giving us some advice along the way, but also for getting us the Axe Edit 3.0 artwork and giving us permission to use it on our labels! We also need to thank Chris from Katsu Kuri Media! Without Chris’ help, none of this would have been possible. Literally, the page you are reading wouldn’t have been possible!! We tried, but just couldn’t get a grip on this whole website thing. Chris went well above and beyond to help put all this together. Finally, thanks go out to Cliff Chase and the Fractal Audio Systems team! We’ve never been so inspired by a piece of gear and continue to be impressed by the level of commitment and dedication to their products.

We plan on adding labels for other controllers and other products as well, so keep checking back often. If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. At the end of the day, we are gearheads and love talking shop!

Anthony & Bill