GigWrx GloWrx Series For Fractal Audio MFC-101 & Voodoo Lab GCP.
Simply The Best Glow In The Dark Labels Available!
One of the biggest issues we had with everything else we tested was even if the material glowed reasonably bright initially, it took a long time to charge them and the glow faded very quickly. Also, even when fully charged, we didn’t feel it would be that beneficial on a dim stage. The material we chose uses Strontium Aluminate to provide a very bright glow. We are really impressed with how bright the GloWrx Series is, but even more impressed by how quickly they charge, hold a charge and how even moderate light will continue to charge them. Even fairly decent stage lighting will help add to the charge! Please keep in mind that no material will keep the initial glow going forever, but this is something we have spent many months testing and we feel this is the best solution available anywhere.
The GloWrx Series is made with the same care and quality as our standard GigWrx Fx Labels. Just like our standard labels, the one piece design is water resistant and uses the same 45mil magnet for durability even under demanding circumstances.
Read our reviews on the Fractal Forum….we have a great reputation for service,  quality and durability.
We wouldn’t settle for anything less and neither should you!!